New Building


Sunday: 8:30AM Legacy Traditional Service | 9:45 AM Connection Groups | 11:00 Journey Contemporary Worship Service | 6:00 PM Evening Service

As part of a journey that started in 2001, our church purchased a 40-acre plot of land on the south side of Clermont at the corner of Hartwood Marsh and Hancock. It started as a vision to one day build a new campus to provide a wonderful facility to worship and connect with all who come thru the doors.

Although the property sat idle with a large stand of pine trees and occasional bush hogging to keep the weeds under control, we kept pursuing God’s vision for His church. The church was able to pay off the property in a very short period. We started to pursue the project, but the 2008 economic downturn put a halt to our plans for the moment. During 2016 we made initial engagement with what would become our architect-McKnight and our civil engineer-Germana Engineering. In addition, we start developing the master site plan, phase I site plan, overall building floor plan and 3D renderings of our building.

As we moved into 2017 God started to put in motion the hearts of our people as well as actions needed to put His vision into a reality. We sold our current church to another denomination. We were able to lease back the facility so that we could continue to worship. We also sold 2 other pieces of property which allowed our resources to be used for the design phase of our project. In addition, we applied to the City of Clermont for the Consumptive Use Permit for our new church. It was approved. We also selected the General Contractor-McCree Construction of Orlando. As we transitioned from 2017 to 2018, our church initiated a program to give each member a vision for our church and to give them an opportunity to be a part of that vision. This was our Vision to Victory campaign. The result was a commitment by church members to pledge on First Fruit’s Sunday in April 2018 over $1.4 Million over a 3- year period to the building program. Our God was so generous in this campaign. The church was presented with details of our project and a recommendation from the church leadership that we approve going ahead with the project.

The design drawings for the sanctuary were completed by the architect and submitted to the City of Clermont for permitting. As a cost savings approach, we purchased an existing 12-unit modular complex that will be used for meeting rooms. It will be placed behind the sanctuary for ease of access.

The Civil Engineering drawings were approved by the city which allowed our General Contractor to obtain bids for the site work on our property. This includes clearing trees, grading the terrain, installing roadways, parking lots, stormwater, water and sanitary systems. This work started during 2019 separate from the building as we worked to obtain the funding for the entire project. We finally obtained approval from the city on the building drawings and approval from the bank to complete the building project.

In 2020, with funding secured, we started construction of our sanctuary. The project will take approximately 11-12 months to complete.

The overall building layout, above, shows that the entire facility is on one level. It is made up of 4 main areas. They are entrance/foyer/café, worship center (650 seat), secured children/infant area and offices. Not shown is the modular complex of 12 units in the rear of the sanctuary that will be used for adult connection groups and youth classes. The overall construction of the sanctuary is concrete tilt walls which will be cast on the site of the building and lifted into place.