Youth Ministry


Sunday -8:30AM Traditional Service | 10:00 AM COnnection Groups | 11:00 Contemporary Worship Service | 6:00 pm Evening Service | 6:00 PM JWLKRS Service | Wednesday 6:30 PM Prayer meeting


Our name is an acronym. It stands for, "Jesus Walkers, Living Known, Resisting Status-Quo." We aim to live our lives like Jesus did, outwardly speaking His gospel, and resisting the "normal" acts of the world. We get together every Sunday morning and night, and every Wednesday night.

Sunday mornings at 9:45am, in the Upper Room of the WEE building, a group of people get together to dive deeper into biblically relevant topics. These topics range from apologetics to religions of the world. This time is for people with hungry minds that want to learn how to disciple others but sometimes lack the tools to do so. It usually runs until 10:50am.

Sunday nights at 6:00pm in the main sanctuary is our main JWLKRS service. We have a 30-40 minute worship set and then we go into a 30 minute message that dives deeper into the Bible. We have a prayer team available to those who choose to come up for an altar call inspired by the message and then we go back into worship. Our service usually ends around 7:30pm.

Wednesday night service starts at 6:30 pm in the Upper Room of the WEE building. Our nights range from prayer nights to small groups. These nights are geared towards having fellowship with one another. With the rotating events of Wednesday nights, we are able to focus in on personal connections, individual prayer, and service opportunities. We usually end around 8:00pm.

The Spirit is so present in our church and we want everyone to be able to have the opportunity to be moved by God in the ways many have experienced through our services. We welcome everyone to join us in worshiping God through our acts of service and through our devotion to sharing the gospel. Our goal is to make Heaven crowded!