Ron Bloom

Associate Pastor

As an achiever and activator I like to get things going and see them through. My incredible wife (Karen) has taught me the additional skill of listening and our two children, Cory and Nicole, have impressed upon me the importance of caring for others. I am not perfect, but I am blessed to have such a great team that we call family.

Education: M.A.Education and Administration, B.S. Industrial Technology
Favorite phrase: “God is at work.” Most quoted by others “Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way.” Interests: motorcycles, road biking, sports, “glamping,” (camping in a 5th wheel), fishing, shooting sports, photography, music, and people.
Favorite: Food –  ribeye. Candy – toblerone chocolate. Ice Cream – butter pecan. Oh and I like long walks on the beach holding my wife’s hand as we look for shells.