Connect With Us

It is our desire to move people from the “congregation” to the “core”; people who have developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and are committed to His work in their local church. The basic steps to membership are:

You may become a member of our church family in any one of the following ways:

  • By profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior, to be followed by believer’s baptism (immersion).
  • By transferring your membership from another Baptist church of like faith and practice.
  • By statement of your prior conversion and baptism by immersion after salvation in another church of like faith and practice.
  • By baptism at First Baptist Church if you are from another denomination that is not of like faith and / or does not practice baptism by immersion. Your willingness to be baptized indicates that you agree and identify with the faith and practice of our church.

Our church also receives under “watchcare” those seasonal residents who wish to affiliate with our church family while retaining their membership in a church back home.

How is this done?

At the close of each Sunday worship service we will have a “time of commitment.” This is a time for individuals to respond to our pastor’s message for the day. This is also your opportunity to speak with the pastor and indicate that you would like to become a member our church family. You will not be asked to speak in front of the congregation but the pastor will introduce you to the congregation and ask you to stand with him at the main entrance after the service is completed. This is a time for our church to greet you and welcome you into your new family.

“For when you were baptized, you were buried with Christ, and in baptism you were also raised with Christ.” –Col. 2:12

Connect with our family, we believe in membership!

Becoming a member of Clermont First Baptist Church is a great way to be committed to church life.

We ask that you;

  • Become a fully devoted follower of Christ
  • Be baptized if you haven’t already done so
  • Present yourself to the church during a Sunday morning walk down invitation.