Vacation Bible School


Register here for Vacation Bible School June 4-8, 2018.

Thursday Night Celebration:

  • What: “Game ON” VBS Celebration and our featured guest -Ignite Your Light Ministries
  • When: Thursday night June 7 @ 6:00pm
  • Invite: Come join us for Food, Fellowship, Worship, and our special guest Princess Estie
  • Who: Ignite Your Light Ministries, Founder and Creator, Whitney Lynn of the Newest, hit Christian musical TV show, Ignite Your Light Kidz, now airing on 8 Christian TV networks, Nationwide. Currently taking the show Live on tour!

    A fun, interactive, musical Introducing the worlds first Christian Princess, Princess Estie.  Teaches children ages 1-8 years old how to overcome obstacles and challenges thru the power of prayer, God’s word, and faith.  Using puppetry, original music, singing, ventriloquism, and live characters derived from a fantasy land called, Mushroom Candy Land.  Watch as Princess Estie and friends battle villains, Dark Harry, and trusty sidekick Moonkie, thru total trust in God and perserverance, truly overpowering the darkness with the light!  Currently airing on 8 Christian TV networks.